Lee, Seung-Hyun 


2007. MFA, Fine Arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology
2004. BFA, Fine Arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology


 Solo Exhibitions

2022. Nameless Moment_Srrr (Pageroom8, Seoul)
2019. Beyond (Space So, Seoul)
2014. Bansang Variation (Gallery chosun, Seoul)
2010. crypto-MUSEUM (Gallery zandari, Seoul)

2009. Masterpiece virus (Window gallery, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul)
2008. The unidentified zoological gardens (Take out drawing, Seoul)
2007. Cryptozoology (Gallery King, Seoul)
2004. Formative reproduction (Eve Gallery, Seoul)


Duo Exhibitions

2011. Mythical Creatures (Ryu Hwarang, Seoul)
2010. The contingency of a sign (Alternativive Space Chung jung gak, Seoul)
2009. Hybridization (Nanji gallery, Seoul)


Group Exhibitions


Octo- (Pageroom8, Seoul)



Octo- (Pageroom8, Seoul)
Only here (Pageroom8, Seoul)

N.E.T Project (Geumcheon Artist house, Seoul)



Movement_Qualia (Placemak2, Seoul)

Undefined manual drawing viewpoint (Yangpyeong art museum, Gyeonggi)



Moving of the left hand (Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul)
Long life and happiness (Via art Gallery, Jeju)


Empty space and box (Bin-Gonggan, Cheongju) 



The Depth of my drawing (175Gallery, Seoul)



12 drawings (Drawing Space Saalgoo, Seoul)


Your self-portrait (Yungundang, Seoul)
Ohbok Market- GuGuJeolJeol (Sinheuong Market, Seoul)

Play with drawing (Ilwoo space, Seoul)
Jung-gunanbang (Zaha Museum, Seoul)
Daily DMZ drawing (Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam)
Dinner on the bus (Can-foundation, Seoul)
Your trip (Dacheongho art museum, Cheongju)
SOMA DRAWING_Mindful Mindless (Soma museum, Seoul)

Line- drawing (wumin art center, Cheongju)
Two drawing project (gallery soso, Heyri,Paju)
New Monsters (Aram Art Museum, Goyang)
Affinity90 (Gallery chosun, Seoul)

Between the Lines ( All Visual Arts, London)
Lee SeungHyun Show (Project Cafe Wumin, Cheongju)
Modern Art and the Idea of the Original (Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul

YAP'12- Meta Empire (Daegu EXCO, Daegu)
Hello, Sranger (Korean Cultural Office, Sydney Australia)
Platform Artist (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon)
Useless things (Spacemom museum of Art, cheongju)
NeoForum 2012- Line in Line (Seongbuk Museum of Art, Seoul)
Platform festival- Why is the Cider floating off Incheon? (Incheon Artplatform, Incheon)

Immersion-Finding flow (Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju)
Incheon landing operation (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon)
[Form-像 View-想] In the Eye of Imagery (Gallery Touchart, Heyri,Paju)
Over The Stage (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon)
Incheon Brewing Inc. (Space beam, Incheon)

Special story (Cyan Museum of Art, Gyeongsangbuk-do)

Open Studio 6 (IASK Goyang, Gyeonggi)
Autonomy Zone 1-130 (Art Council Korea, Seoul)
PUBLIC ART New Hero Fly in Heyri (Heyri, Gyeonggi)
Do Window Vol.2 (Gallery Hyundai gangnam space, Seoul)
Open Studio MAY (IASK Goyang, Gyeonggi)
Residence parade (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon)
INTRO (IASK Goyang, Gyeonggi)

Art wall project (Seoul Art Space- seogyo, Seoul)
Fusion 304 (Gallery Grimson, Seoul)

Artists of Song Eun-1 (SongEun gallery, Seoul)
Open Studio3 (Nanji art studio, Seoul)
Art HK09 (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong)
Portfolio- cutting edge  (LG fasion230  forum space, Seoul)
Young Artists Japan Vol.2 (Tagboat Gallery, Tokyo)


SeMA2008 (Seoul museum of art, Seoul)
Jing (Shun art gallery, shanghai, China)
The 30th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize (Hangarm Art Museum_ Seoul Art center, Seoul)
The 8th Songeun Arts Award (Insa art center, Seoul)
Gana Art 25th Anniversary Exhibition 'THE chART' (Gana art center Miru, Seoul)
Moving landscape (Moran Museum of Art, Gyeonggi)
Art studio network (Bongsan cultural center, Daegu)
Nanji Air Project (Nanji art studio, Seoul)
Seoul Drawing Club (artcafe sADAaRi, Seoul)

Drawn to Drawing II (Soma museum, Seoul)
Exciting Art Museum, Imagination station-Animal story (Gyeongnam Art Museum, ChangWon)
HP ‘turn on award’ (Noam Gallery, Seoul)

Three toes (Moran Gallery, Seoul)
Display (Moran Gallery, Seoul)
Are we different? (Dongduck Art Gallery, Seoul)

The yellow door, the blue door (Gallery Ol, Seoul)
Relay (0.75 Gallery, Seoul)
The 7th Korean art a graduate student invitation exhibition (Danwon  Art Gallery, Ansan)
Flexible (Moran Gallery, Seoul)


 Regidency program
2011. Incheon art platform Regidency program (Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture, Incheon)
2010. IASK Goyang Regidency program (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi)
2008- 2009. Nanji Art Studio Residency program (Seoul museum of art, Seoul)


Awards, Grants, and Fellowships

2019. Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture 
2017. Public x Public, 'Award for excellence' (Ubarn Art project Seou is museum, Seoul)
2015. The 4th 72 hours lively city project
Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture 

2010. Artist Critique Workshop program (Arko Museum, Seoul) 

2010. Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture    

2008. Emerging Artist Fellowship, The Korean Art & culture Foundation
2008. 20 Artists of Year, the 30th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize
2008. The 8th Songeun Arts Award _ 'Award for excellence'
2007. Magazine , Public Art  Cover artist
2006. SOMA Drawing Center Archive registration


Public Collections  
Art bank, National Museum of  Contemporary Art, Korea
Jeju Museum of Art, Korea
Song Eun Arts & Cultural Foundation, Korea
Eulji General Hospital, Korea